We are focussing on Children with severe difficulties and Adolescent and family health issues.

ROMAC - Rotary Overseas Medical Aid for Children.  Children with horrific deformities, critical current medical issues and long term medical issues. These children are from remote areas and there is NO medical assistance available. Rotary brings them here provides the required medical procedures and thereby restores theirs and their family's dignity.

Rivendell, originally called Thomas Walker hospital, was opened in 1896. It is a 20 bed facility that consists of:

  1. A Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service; and

  2. A Department of Education School

It provides mental health services for children and adolescents residing in the Central Sydney Health Area and rural New South Wales. Out-of-area referrals may be accepted with the active involvement of local mental health services or private mental health professionals.

Golfer or not you will understand that the more funds we raise the more assistance we can give to these worthy organisations.

How can you help?

All of you can forward this email to your address book which may or may not have golfers on board.  We work on the principle that you may not be a golfer but there will be many in your address book .. and in their address books.

If you are not a golfer, join us for dinner and listen to Prof. Phillip Hazell talk about the work of the Rivendell facility. A ROMAC representative will speak about the work of ROMAC also - bring tissues...

Add to that our need for goods/vouchers and big ticket items for auction or raffle Think about a weekend away in your holiday unit; an autographed football jumper, golf shirt or cap; selection of books, DVD's and CD's.  Use your imagination.

Bottles of water, sunscreen, caps packets of sultanas or Mentos and similar items for the golfers' gift bags.

Cheers folks,

Hit 'em long and straight.

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